The Problem With Muses

I mean, muses in general are not a bad thing. Not at all. In fact, I’d be nothing if it weren’t for my muses. Little things that make me happy from day to day and new things I can learn about.

The problem is when you have too many muses.

So Many Muses, So Little Time

There’s reading, plants, crocheting and knitting, crafting, baseball, essential oils, incense, wax melts, candles (though those last few may all be combined into one big muse, I don’t know).. I can go on, but I won’t.

How do you condense all of it?

Look, at the end of the day I am a lifestyle blogger. I post about what I like, what I am working on, and sometimes I get deep and confess some deep dark secrets. So I guess having many muses isn’t so much an issue in that case. I have plenty of options for content creation, right? Sure.

The biggest thing I seem to have issues with where my muses are concerned is the fact that I tend to get hyper-focused. I could go a month or more just obsessing over one of the many above named muses (and ones I haven’t named). I will live and breathe that muse and everything else sort of takes a back seat until I come back around to it again.

With a blog, the hard thing is to make sure that I don’t accidentally turn it into a plant blog for a month and then suddenly talk about candles and wax melts for six weeks after that. I have to learn how to diversify my muses, so to speak; at least when it comes to creating content here.

Learning to Juggle My Muses

My last post talked about how hard blogging is. I am learning that there are two different aspects of blogging that make it difficult. The first is creating your content. That’s the bread and butter, obviously. Without content you can never gain the readership you need for the second part of blogging: monetization.

I think, like many new bloggers, I expected to post one thing and suddenly have an stream of independent income flowing in for me and I let that cloud the way I looked at blogging. I’ve taken a bit of a step back over the last couple of months and have learned to just find the joy in creating the content.

There are only two other blog posts here right now, yes. So clearly it wasn’t here that I was creating the content. I actually created a new Instagram page that is dedicated to time lapse videos and pictures of wax melts. It’s a way to help others with anxiety and I came across this community while battling my own anxiety. You can check that account out here, if you’d like.

Soon I am going to be merging these two things, a bit. I’ll bring more of those photos and videos here, get more in depth with ASMR, and talk more about how this helps me continue to turn anxiety into art.

It’s time to start creating content! I don’t really make new year’s resolutions, but I would really like to get somewhere with my blog in 2018. That’s going to be a huge goal.

Until next time, folks!