Turning Anxiety Into Art: About Kristin

About Me | Slivers of Nature

Hi, everyone! I am Kristin and I want to share a little bit about Slivers of Nature.

I created this blog as a way not only to share my journey with anxiety/mental illness, but to sharpen my 10+ years of work from home experience while creating content and crafts on my way to becoming my own boss and the entrepreneur I’ve always pictured myself to be. Please join me as I create and share everyday.

I created Slivers of Nature as a way to help others learn to be their own boss by Turning Anxiety Into Art. Since I was a kid, I’ve always known that I suffered from some type of Anxiety/Panic disorder, but it took me until 2015 to get that diagnosis and the help that I needed. Ever since, I’ve been learning new ways to channel that Anxiety and make it work for me, and I’d like to share those tips and tricks with others.

This blog is what I consider to be a sharing zone. My mental health has played a big part in both my decision to work from home and to work hard to create a foundation for myself to become my own boss. I will talk about good days and bad days here. When I fail or succeed at a project, I will share it here. Nothing is off limits, and I hope that my honesty helps bring additional awareness to what it’s like living with mental illness. As far as I’m concerned, there is still far too much stigma associated with mental illness and I am here to do my part to shed some light onto a world that I have been part of my whole life. My goal is to further promote acceptance and understanding.

About Me | Slivers of Nature

Join Me!

I’ve also taken the plunge and started an Etsy Shop earlier this year where I sell items that I make. Each item is available for custom ordering and I’d love if it you’d check out/favorite my shop for as my inventory grows. You can find the shop here: Slivers of Nature Etsy Shop.