Product Review: Furbliss Multi-Fuctional Grooming Brush

This here, is my little man Axle. I rescued him from the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter on November 7th, 2015. He was initially listed as a Beagle/Spaniel mix, but we truly have no idea the true origins of his breed. I don’t see any Beagle in him at all, but I can definitely get on board with Spaniel (Short Haired Springer Spaniel?) and we are thinking Pitbull. Once day, I’d like to have a Doggy DNA test done to get some answers, because people ask me all the time what kind of dog he is, but all I can say is, “We’re not sure.”

Anyway, enough about this little (or not so little, as he’s 53lbs as of his last vet visit) guy’s breed. He’s a short haired dog, which you’d think would mean that there is minimal shedding, right? Wrong. This dog sheds like CRAZY. My clothes are covered, my vacuum cleaner is always full to the brim with his fur when I empty it — it’s crazy! I’ve bought countless brushes for him but not only has he hated them all, they never did anything to combat the shedding.

I decided to give it another go and was lucky enough to get to try out the Furbliss Multifunctional Grooming Brush for free in exchange for my review. Here’s how Axle and I feel about it:

Initially, Axle was weary of the brush. He just doesn’t seem to enjoy the act of being brushed at all. However, after a little trying, he calmed down and allowed me to brush him for a few minutes — this in itself was a win vs. other brushes I’ve tried! I think the difference was the fact that the bristles on this brush are soft. He has very sensitive skin, and is prone to allergic reactions, so maybe hard bristle brushes just aren’t for his oh so sensitive skin.

The dual sided feature was quite excellent. There are the long bristles, which is great for brushing through fur, and then there is the shorter side which helps to remove fur from clothing, furniture, etc while the center of that side helps with shampooing. I love multi-taskers! It does an acceptable job of removing fur from clothing, though it doesn’t compare to a good old fashion tumble dry for a few minutes.

But the real test? Will it help me remove some of this excess fur from my pup? Check out the photos below to find out…

That’s a big, fat YES! This is the first brush that has actually been able to remove excess fur from Axle. Maybe it’s partly because he tolerated it longer than 5 seconds, but I also feel as though the silicone bristles were able to get into his coat and get the pesky clinger fur!

Axle and I give the Furbliss Multi-Grooming Tool Two Paws Up! Get yours here:

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